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Holy Week in Caltanissetta

Holy Week in Caltanissetta is a traditional event that has been repeated for centuries during the week before Easter in the historical center of Caltanissetta. It consists of various religious events that are chained to one another , from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday .

The event , which annually attracts thousands of tourists in the city , due to the importance and tradition that brings with it , is twinned with the most famous Holy Week in Seville , Spain. The celebrations of Holy Week in Caltanissetta starting on Wednesday of Holy Week with the Procession of the Real Maestranza , a procession of 400 people of the oldest guilds . The central and most significant , however, is the evening of Holy Thursday, when they come into the scene ” Vare ” or ” Mysteries “, a sort of battle on which are mounted impressive sculptures in wood, plaster and papier mache . These groups account for more than a moment of the Cross ; some of them , however, reproduce famous paintings , like those of the Last Supper and the Deposition .

The procession of the Real Maestranza has enormous power , every Holy Wednesday, to resurrect one of the most significant moments in the history of Caltanissetta. Its impressive and moving procession , consisting of the local representatives of the oldest guilds , still bears witness today , in a solemn manner , the birth of civic identity reached. The involvement and participation of the entire city in the Eucharistic celebration at the conclusion of the Forty Hours , ” baptizes ” the socio- political and religious unity achieved . In 1806 , Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, impressed by the imposing of this procession , the Maestranza granted the title ” Royal ” . The main character of the whole event is the captain who is elected each year from among representatives of the craft . Captain of the Real Maestranza in 2013 was appointed Roberto Di Dio Class of Painters and decorators.