Hotel Plaza Caltanissetta


Market “Strata at Leaf” is the ancient market town of Caltanissetta, once crowded with visitors, and filled with stalls of the merchants of fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, etc. .

Ultrasecolare market of the city, located in Via Consultant Benintendi, intended mainly to agricultural, where sellers of fruits and vegetables display their goods in a big way, and promote it with an attractive and distinctive voices.

Market Strata leaf is a huge selection of products, with their colors and their scents, this characteristic makes it even more important place in the historical center of Caltanissetta.

Sheltered from the pollution of city traffic, in an environment characterized by colors, smells and voices of sellers, every day at Market Strata at Leaf, early in the morning, get the freshest fish and vegetables, meat and cheese more wholesome , seasonal fruits and many other products secured by operators who, for several generations, keep alive this wonderful place, offering quality, selection and savings.